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Quality Policy and Certificates

Product Design Procedure under ISO-9001/2008 specifies the works under R&D activities, regulates the works and assures design quality.In this context, SARIÇELİK continuously leads in terms of bringing new products to the industry in our country with the unique products created by its brand. The products developed by the R&D efforts have achieved success in competition in the international market.

Today, our company investing in R&D works obtains patent and utility model registrations to secure its works and prevent unfair competition. Any R&D design work we carry out as SARIÇELİK brand is registered.

Registrations of ongoing works of our new products are also planned.We understand expectations of the customer in the best way and design the right machine and product, which is the exact value for its money. We design and produce all our products in the quality to be used for many years. We understand your business and we are committed to offer affordable solutions according to your needs

Thanks to our performance-oriented products, which are the category leaders in quality performance, we are increasingly preferred. We are an advantageous team in project management. We trust our products and manufacturing standards. Carefully listening to your needs and requests, we are able to rapidly respond to your specific needs. In all years we provide services, our customers’ satisfaction has been our best reference. The products, of which the product file is prepared, Patent, Utility Model and registrations are made, catalog, user manuals are ready and international product approvals (CE, etc.) are obtained, to included in the manufacturing schedule by the decision of mass production.

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