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We Are Here To Achieve The Impsssible.

With the years of experience that I gained over time,SARIÇELİK brand has become today the leading organizationof its sector in Turkey.

At this point, this great success is a product of being able to read the future accurately. The products that we have manufactured in the process have turned into values, whichin crease our awareness in both national and international markets.Based on this awareness, we will take the steps necessary for keeping satisfaction of our national and international customers at the highest level and always staying at the top, and continue to manufacture more technological and quality products

When we look back, with our management approach considering the future, we are aiming at sustaining this success, which is not easy to obtain, for years, carrying it even further and moving our success that we have achieved on our march to the top forward. I owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who contributed to the brand value of Sarıçelik, and send my love and respect.

Suleyman SARI
Chairman of the Board
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