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Hydrolic Klasificators and Jig

Hydrolic Klasificators and Jig

Hydrolic Klasificators and Jig


Sifting and bunkering procces are made high-volume production economicaly with factory-made type triage facilities.We produce thin broken mines in every every kind and size.While pulp material drugging with waters pushing force, mines classify in septums from thick to fine.At this time, water that is on the base (that can be seperate via valves) send to overflow with thin mines. Classified products can be teken from base tanks, how much wanted.


JIGs classify with barriered collapsing system and have 3 compartment.They are mede from diaphram rubber.Surface screeens are made from polyurethane and can be changed easyly.Motion mechanizm is eccentrically and can be set.Lubrication can be made otomaticly from 9 points.

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